martedì 24 marzo 2009

Why FastCGIs?

I'm developing a site largely based on web services.
My first approach was using ASP.NET and C# as the current version of the site, but with a bit of json in addition.

Using WCF is the better way to implement a json web service in ASP.NET.

Developing a beta version of the site wasn't too hard because Visual Studio is a great IDE (the best IDE in the Universe IMHO) and C# is an amazing language for third millennium people, but at the end of this first easy stuff I encountered some problems: permission denies deploying the site on the server of my provider, unsatisfactory response time and some debugging difficulties.
At this point a technology change was mandatory.

The priority for this new version of the site was the 'user experience' and 'user experience' without speed is nothing, so which is the fastest technology for dynamics web sites? Easy: FastCGIs written in C language (after assembly, of course, and when I was a teenager I spent a lot of days - and nights - at the keyboard of my ZX Spectrum experimenting the fascinating world of Z80 coding, but at the moment I want to conserve what remains of my brain for as many years as possible). And which is the fastest web server supporting FastCGI? Lighttpd, of course. And why not a bit of SQLite , all running on an Ubuntu server distribution, rigorously text-based?

So the main ingredients of the "back2.c" recipe are:

Ubuntu Server 8.10
Gnu C Compiler
FastCGI libraries

SQLite library

Follow me in my learning experiments, in the next post I will show you how easy it is to install an Ubuntu server: this is the first step to the "Hello world and over" experience.

P.S.: Thanks to R.D.O. for the joke of the logo :-)


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