sabato 18 aprile 2009

Installing Ubuntu Server 8.10

In the previous post I prepared the virtual machine to start the ISO of Ubuntu Server 8.10, now it’s time to install the distribution on it!

After starting FLUS (the name that I assigned to the virtual machine just configured) the installation process will start:

- select the language (English)
- select "Install Ubuntu Server"
- select the language for the installation process (English)
- select a country (Italy in my case)
- select a keyboard (Italy/Italy in my case)
- assign a hostname (I chose "flus")
- partition disks ("Guided - use entire disk")
- choose the disk now created (SCSI1 / sda)

- write changes to the disk
- set up user and password (I chose back2c / back2c) and no encrypted directory.
- choose no proxy
- choose no automatic updates
- activate OpenSSH server

at this time the installation process will start, once finished we have to remove the cd and reboot (From the menu choice “Devices” then "unmount CD/DVD-ROM”).

That’s all! In the next post we will install on the server all needed packages for our purposes.

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