martedì 21 aprile 2009

Upgrading the system to FasCGI needs

Now it’s time to update the system and to install all is needed by our experiments: Lighttpd, FastCGI and SQLite libraries and so on.

First of all we start the virtual system that must be connected to Internet (my host system is part of a local network connected to Internet thought a router with a DHCP service that assign the IP address also to the virtualized operating system) , then:

  • login (back2c / back2c)

  • enter in root mode
    sudo -i
    (it's necessary to insert the password again)

  • update the system
    apt-get update
    apt-get upgrade

  • install the GNU C/C++ compiler
    apt-get install gcc build-essential

  • install Lighttpd
    apt-get install lighttpd

  • install FastCGI
    apt-get install libfcgi-dev

  • install SQLite
    apt-get install sqlite

At this point the system is up-to-date and you can connect the browser of your host system to the Lighttpd server just created: simply insert the IP of the virtual machine as URL in your browser.

If you don't know the IP, simply digit ifconfig in the command line of your Ubuntu:

(IPs of the picture are invented)

Now, if you can see the welcome page of Lighttpd, our system is ready for the first CGI: in the next post we will experiment a simple “Hello world”.

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