sabato 2 maggio 2009

FastCGI on Ubuntu Server 9.04 and VirtualBox 2.2.0

In the previous posts we have set up a full environment for FastCGI testing based on Ubuntu Server 8.10 running on an old version of VirtualBox (sorry, I don’t remember which version).

The following days the version 2.2.0 of VirtualBox and 9.04 of Ubuntu have been released, so, as soon as possible I retested everything with this new versions and, at the same time, I recorded the four steps of the preparation of the virtual environment and I published them on Youtube.

1 - Sun VirtualBox 2.2.0 installation on Windows XP

2 - Configuring VirtualBox 2.2.0 for Ubuntu Server 9.04

Only 2 changes compared with the previous installation:
- I didn’t need yet to enable PAE/NX
- I set the “base memory size” to 128 MByte to avoid “host memory low” crashes during the installation of Ubuntu (I think this problem doesn’t exist yet with the new version 2.2.2 of VirtualBox just released, if you experimented it let me know).

3 - Installing Ubuntu Server 9.04 on VirtualBox 2.2.0

4 - Updating Ubuntu Server 9.04

If you prefer you can download the VDI image of the installation here!
(it’s a 7-zip file of about 200 megabytes)

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